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    When Columbia’s oldest and largest property management company wanted to build a property management website that was at the cutting edge of technology, they called us.  In Columbia, Bob Capes means real estate.  And, Mr. Capes and the rest of his team knew that BrokerLEAD meant website technology and marketing.  As a result of each side understand what the other brought to the table, our two firms have enjoyed an incredible partnership for over a decade.  That is a recurring theme in the BrokerLEAD story.  We retain clients over the long term because our products and marketing evolve to meet the needs of the market.


    Columbia SC Property Management Website Design


    website design property management companyCase and point:  when the company realized that there was a unique opportunity to enhance their property sales by showing a comparison of RENT vs BUY properties, we programmed their new property display pages with the OUR YOU CAN BUY section.  A unique marketing tool which automatically calculates Mortgage Payments of other properties in the same neighborhood or zip code so the website user can compare with the rental rate of the property.  Moreover, since our unique BrokerLEAD property listings import every property in their area (via the MLS) for rent on their website, this gives the firm a powerful method to capitalize on converting sales from rentals that are not in their inventory.  This truly harnesses the power of the BrokerLEAD system in the dynamics of an ever changing property market.


    Finally, BrokerLEAD harnesses the power of Social media marketing like Facebook.  Each time a Featured Property is added to the website, it is also property management search engine optimization (SEO)automatically added to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.  Not only does this enhance the marketing of the listings, but this greatly enhances the power of their search engine presence on Google and other search engines.  This explains why on virtually every search on Google in the Bob Capes property management service area produces #1 page results on Google!


    Contact us today to find out how we can move your property management business to the next level.  Work with a partner that is uniquely committed to your long term results and success!

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