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    In real estate today, its all about the brand.  Real Estate has always been a competitive way to make a living.  And, today, it ain’t getting any less competitive.  So, how do you effectively market yourself?  How do you brand yourself?  Our client Bob Duker has been with several different Real Estate firms in the decade that we’ve managed his marketing; however, regardless of the name on the sign outside, Bob’s clients have always know him as FortJacksonRelo.com.  As a retired Army Colonel, Bob understands the “hot button” for his clients and he developed the concept for Fort Jackson Relo to help this segment of the market that he knows so very well.  Our job, as it often is, was translating his knowledge and savvy with this group into a website that would create instant rapport with his potential clients.

    Real Estate Agent Branding


    When creating a brand, we want to amplify the areas that set you apart.  Moreover, we want to make easy for the potential client to understand what Real estate agent brandingyou are about and what they can expect!  We do this by insuring that your website design, domain name, search engine optimization and social media like Facebook and Twitter all look, act and feel the same.  Does it work?  You bet it does.  When your marketing message, image and content is consistent not only is it easier for your potential clients to understand what you’re about.  Its easier for the search engines and other marketing tools to find your online presence (which in turn results in even more clients).  One of the most valuable pieces of marketing help that we provide is helping you to define your customer.  We help you define what your brand looks like and what it means.


    Contact us today to find out how we can define and extend your brand.  You’ll be glad you did!

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