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    WEBSITE: PauletteGreene.com


    Maybe everything IS bigger in Texas!  Certainly the desire for incredible website with unique listings search capabilities was!  And, for one of Dallas’ Top Agents, Paulette Green, her website needed to have search functionality as special as the Properties and clients that she represents.  A custom BrokerLEAD data search was constructed for her website—and, as they say, the rest is history.


    Top Producer Website Design and Programming


    When you’re a top producing real estate agent, you have a clear idea of exactly what you want on your website.  Through the years, many of our clientsTop Producer Website Designs for Real Estate Agents have been overjoyed when they found that we can program exactly their vision of how their website should work.  As we often tell clients, if the MLS provides the data, we can build your search, features, layout, etc…how ever you want!  No longer are you at the mercy of a templated website.  Lets face it, you didn’t get to be a top producer by doing what everyone else did—so why should your website like and operate like everyone else.  Is it going to cost more?  Actually, having the right website is going to make you a lot more money so its actually going “to cost” you a great deal less.  It will take more time, more communication, and more effort in the first few days to lay out your vision; but, once thats done, we will take it from there.  We will work hand in hand with your MLS and other data providers to provide you the perfect website!  Ultimately, when clients visit your site, they will understand immediately, this isnt an ordinary website because your not an ordinary real estate agent—but, wasn’t that the point all along?


    Contact us today so that we can help you explore the options in making your website and internet marketing as powerful as it can be.

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