Email Marketing Strategies For Realtors & Brokers

According to NAR, 87% of real estate agents quit the business within five years. Do you want to be a successful realtor? Of course, you want to beat the odds and be one of the 13% that make it past the five-year mark. You may be thinking, “How can I do that?” The answer is email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to have a successful career in real estate. Email marketing allows you to stay on top of potential leads and grow your network by consistently marketing yourself. It’s a competitive industry, so you need to use every tool at your disposal to stay ahead of the curve. This article will show you how to use email marketing as a realtor to differentiate yourself from the competition, develop your network of potential clients and referrals, and have your best year yet.

Why Do Realtors Need To Engage Their Audience?

Realtors often think that just because they have a website or are active on social media, their job is done. However, to really reach your target audience, you need to engage them. Engagement means interacting with your audience through comments, shares, replies, and more. It’s not enough to just be visible online – you need to actively involve your audience if you want them to take notice.

Here’s Why realtors should care about engagement.

There is High Competition to Get Clients

Engagement is especially important for realtors because competition for clients is so high. With more than two million active real estate licenses in the United States, you’ve got to have an email marketing strategy that stands out if you want to be successful. High engagement will help ensure that your customers notice your content and remember you when they decide to sell or buy a home.

Drive Engagement to Create Referrals

When it comes to finding a real estate agent, personal referrals are a solid way to go. Based on NAR studies, a friend or family member refers 39% of home sellers to their real estate agent. This is likely because those referred to an agent by someone they know are already paying attention and interacting with that agent’s content.

Bottom line, if you want to engage your audience, email marketing is one of the best tools for you. Remember that your past clients should also be a part of your engaged audience.

Email Sells Power For Finding Home Buyers and Sellers

Buying or selling a home is one of the most significant decisions your clients will make in their lives. It can take some months or even years to contact a real estate agent. 

Email marketing is a perfect way to connect with potential buyers and sellers who might not be ready to work with you yet. When you nurture them with email marketing, you’re establishing yourself as an expert in the real estate industry. They’ll know who to turn to when they’re finally looking to buy or sell again. Learn more about the importance of IDX in real estate and how it can enhance your online presence and help attract potential clients.

Here’s why email marketing is so effective at nurturing potential leads.

Your Clients Will Receive Your Message Loud and Clear.

Email marketing is a great way to control the content that you put out there. Unlike other digital marketing platforms, such as social media or digital advertising, your emails will be delivered directly to your email list at a set time. This means your audience will see your content without google algorithm changes or social media updates getting in the way.

Connect At a Personal Level

Emails feel intimate, like you’re having a one-on-one conversation. And because you can personalize your emails, they feel like private letters from you. You’ll create a connection with leads that can turn cold leads into warm leads.

People of All Ages Use Email

No matter who your ideal client is, you can reach them through email marketing. Email is the main form of communication that people from all demographics use. It is the most successful way to market your business to anyone you want to target.

You Can Send Different Emails to Different Email Groups.

Email marketing can be used to target different audiences with different content. This is a great way to nurture leads, allowing you to send relevant content to each recipient.

To explain how this helps you get high leads, consider the following scenario:

For example, imagine three subscribers signing up for your email list. The first subscriber attended an open house but didn’t make an offer on the house. However, they have shown interest in working with you in the future. The second subscriber signed up for your email list months ago when they first started looking for a new home. Now they have bought a new place and are no longer interested in receiving content about buying a home. The third subscriber just started working with you and is currently in the process of purchasing a home.

If you sent the same email to all three subscribers about an upcoming open house, the first subscriber would be interested, the second subscriber would be uninterested, and the third subscriber might not even see the email. However, if you segment your email list, you can send targeted content to each subscriber.

For the first subscriber, you might send an email about the benefits of working with a realtor. For the second subscriber, you might send an email about the services you offer for home sellers or tips about remodeling a home. For the third subscriber, you might send an email with tips on preparing for a home inspection.

By sending targeted content by segmenting your email list, you’re more likely to nurture your leads and turn them into clients.

Use Emails to Educate Potential Clients

Homebuyers who spend time looking for their new home on the internet without help from a real estate agent typically take about three weeks before contacting someone in the industry. If you use email marketing to provide these buyers with information about what they can expect during the home buying or selling process, you’ll come across as a credible expert. These leads will be more likely to hire a realtor when they’re ready to purchase.

Email Marketing Vocabulary For Realtors

As you get started with email marketing, you may come across some unfamiliar terms. We suggest that you start by familiarizing yourself with the following email marketing vocabulary.

  • As you start email marketing, bookmark this guide to refer back to it as needed.

Email Marketing: How To Start

Ready to get started with email marketing? The first important step you can take is EMAIL. You have to understand some email and email marketing basics. You don’t want to use a general address like Gmail or yahoo. You need branded emails for the highest and best effect. Moreover, you need the analytics that our special programs provide (how many were opened, responded to, etc.). Finally, you must ensure that your email marketing isn’t harming your domain name or other marketing presence. We can help you plan and implement the perfect email marketing plan for your business.

Customized Emails

Want your marketing to have an impact? Remember, your emails are competing for attention.  Having a specifically and professionally designed email is key to capturing attention.

Optimizing For Mobile

Making sure your emails are viewable on mobile is essential for any type of marketing campaign. Mobile devices make up half of all devices used to check emails by users. That means you need to be optimizing your emails for the smaller screens! We ensure your emails are “mobile ready”!



Personalization is a great way to connect with your email list subscribers. Our email marketing ensures that each email is personalized to encourage a higher open and read rate.


Our automatization allows for the maximum impact for your marketing campaign.  Automation lets you schedule emails in advance. So you can automatically send emails to new subscribers. Automation can also be used to categorize your list and give them relevant material.


Analytics are essential in developing an efficient email marketing plan. Our experts will help you refine your message and target your audience for maximum marketing success.

Core Real Estate Email Marketing

Email is as varied as the people sending it and receiving it.  But, if you’re a Realtor, there are some important emails that you should focus on for real estate marketing.

Here are five essential emails for realtors.

Email Newsletter

Sending email newsletters is the simplest type of email marketing. This makes it a good starter for people who are new to email marketing. Email newsletters are a type of email that goes out regularly, like every week or every month. They usually include your latest listings, upcoming events, the latest real estate trends in your area, a recent blog article, or a summary of your real estate blog. A newsletter’s goal is to stay in the minds of potential customers and give out content that people can rely on.

Follow-Up and Referral Request Emails

Emailing past customers is a good way to keep them interested in what you are doing. After they buy a house from you, send them an email asking if they like their new house and if they know anyone who might want to buy a house from you.

Welcome Email

A welcome email is an automated email that is sent to a new subscriber. These kinds of emails help new subscribers feel confident in subscribing to your list, and they also set expectations for how often and what kind of content they will receive in the future. Welcome emails can also increase engagement by encouraging subscribers to respond to your marketing emails by clicking a link or sharing them.

Open House and Event Announcements

Do you find that you sell best when people meet you in person? You can encourage your online network to come to meet you at an open house or other events by using these email types.

Realtor Email Basics: What to Send

Here a few powerful emails for email marketing for real estate that the BrokerLEAD system focuses on

Announce About New Listings, Open Homes, or Virtual Tours

We make sure to send updates on your new listings, with a short description of why each one would be great for an appropriate buyer. If you have the funding available or virtual tours, we also include this sort of info.

Regular Neighborhood Guides

You know the neighborhoods in your area well, which gives you an advantage when selling real estate. Our local marketing and HERE! sites can ensure your competitive advantage in getting your message out.

Your Insights On the Current Real Estate Market

Your email audience might not understand the current real estate trends and how they affect them as home buyers or sellers. We use email marketing to share broad information about selling a home or specific trends in the market.

Share Your Client Success Stories

We use email as a tool to tell longer stories about your successes with clients. For example, tell us about how you were able to sell a client’s home quickly or help them find their dream home and we will distribute the story to your appropriate potential clients.

Building Successful Real Estate Email Marketing Campaigns

There is more to email marketing than just creating content for emails. We craft a strategy that will help you get more subscribers, make them more engaged, and make adjustments based on their feedback. This way, email marketing can be profitable for you.

Building The Email Database

One of the most important things in marketing is an audience. Otherwise, you are wasting your time.  We help you build a great audience for your emails.

Share the News Of Your New Email List With Your Network.

Share details about your new email list with friends and family. You could say, “Hey, I’ve started a new email list where I’ll send out updates on my work. If you’re interested in receiving those updates, please sign up below.” 

You can also share the news of your email list on social media. For example, you could post a link to the sign-up form on your website or even put a form on your Facebook page. Don’t forget to include your email list in your personal email signature; that way, everyone who receives an email from you will have the opportunity to sign up.

If you have an open house, bring a sign-up sheet for emails so people can quickly join your list. You can also ask people to sign up when they visit your website. We will design your website and contact forms where sign-up is easy and effective.


Email List and Local List Building

Through our local marketing programs and HERE! sites, we can build you a highly qualified and precise marketing email list. We will target specific areas, neighborhoods, and property types.

Why Should People Join Your Mailing List?

We make sure to answer “why” people should join your mailing list. What can they gain by doing so? People might not want to sign up for your email form just because it is there. We give them a good reason to want to sign up, such as getting information about new listings or special offers.

If Someone Signs Up, Give Them Something In Return.

We focus on a value-added give away for signup.  We will target a digital promotion item (white paper, PDF, etc.) for the signup.

Tell People What Your Emails Have That Can Help Them.

Subscribers often want to know what they can expect when they subscribe. For example, will they have access to video tours of new listings? Will they receive a weekly neighborhood guide? We let your potential customers know about the benefits of your email marketing.



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