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Over 91% of consumers start their real estate search online. If you want to be a successful as a real estate agent, developer, builder, or mortgage banker, you need the BrokerLEAD system.

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According to Accenture, Gen Y and millennials prefer using their smartphones as opposed to computers. With mobile already responsible for over 80% of mobile searches, your marketing must be “mobile ready”. BrokerLEAD is!

Search Real Estate

Want the secret to making more money in real estate? Sell more property!

We use the latest technology to boost your local and worldwide search rankings so that more people find you! The more people who find you, the more people who contact you — that is, if your site is appropriately engineered. If you get more customer LEADS, then you get more sales. It ain’t rocket science, but a great deal of science is involved.


A quick Zoom Call should tell you and us if the chemistry is right. Click the button below and schedule your meeting. It’s a no-cost, no-obligation meeting. You’ll learn something about us and your business as well. Many people tell us it’s the most informative 15 minutes about their business they have ever experienced. It’ll be worth your time!

The BrokerLEAD System:  How It Works

Marketing for real estate that works

According to a recent National Association of Realtors (NAR), over 91% of consumers start their real estate search online. If you want to be successful as a real estate agent, developer, builder, or mortgage banker, you had better figure out a way to get in front of them, or your competition will. We carefully study your business model, competition, and area to construct a marketing plan that will work!

Website design thats customized for your business

Quick question: I want to buy 4000 square feet in your city. How much? You would say it depends, right? Are you buying a warehouse? Are you buying a luxury home? It depends on a lot of factors, right? So, how can you buy a generic real estate site that will work for your unique business? Spoiler alert, you can’t, and we don’t ask you to. We will build you a unique state-of-the-art website presence customized to appeal to the type of client and business you’re trying to attract.

Remain responsive across devices

In a continuously “on” world, people use all their devices all the time. We ensure that your internet marketing never rests regardless of your prospective client’s device. We also have the expertise to know the optimal delivery for each type of device. So, whether your user is looking for their new home on a mobile device or a desktop, we will optimize their experience.

Find your clients where they are

When famous bank robber Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he wryly replied, “because that’s where the money is.” There is some homespun wisdom here. We help you find the place where your customer is. Whether that’s searching particular terms on Google or through some advertising on a local city site (HERE) or neighborhood farming sites, we identify your clients and construct a marketing system that helps them find you!

Why BrokerLEAD

Helping you to increase your site traffic

Location! Location! Location! Sure, you know it works in the Real Estate Business! Here's the even more exciting thing. You don't have to get the #1 Ranked Site on Google to sell their spot to you. We can show you how to get it!

Optimized Websites For Real Estate

Real Estate and Real Estate Agent websites are like no other sites. And, if you've ever tried to work with an inexperienced website developer, you understand. IDX, listings, amenities, and subdivisions are critical to your website, and being able to search and filter these results help you sell!

Experienced Marketing That Helps You Succeed

We have the latest technology, but more importantly, we understand the business. And with more than two decades in the real estate vertical, we can save you time and money. We will show you how to get to a higher ROI faster by superior targeting and outstanding execution.

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