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After all, what real estate agents really want are high-quality leads. And the best leads come from referrals. Why? Because referrals have a closing ratio that’s 50 to 70% higher than other types of leads.

Some agents might think they have to choose between building a successful business or serving their communities. But HERE! provides a solution that lets you do both. It’s a win-win. It’s a mutually beneficial ecosystem that supports local businesses and agents. Not to mention, it can supercharge your referral game. You become a visible and trustworthy expert in your real estate market.  And, with articles that promote your business, highlights your successes and highlight your community involvement, HERE! becomes a promotion machine for your business like no other!

So what exactly is HERE? And how can it help you build your real estate business? Can it take your real estate marketing strategy to the next level? Keep reading to find out.

Local Marketing: HERE Local Real Estate Sites

What Is HERE!?

HERE! is a location-based website platform with powerful lead and referral generation capabilities. It connects real estate professionals, local business owners, and local community members, creating opportunities for beneficial relationships. HERE! is an incredibly useful local advertising tool that maximizes your business visibility on Google search, making it easier for people in your community to find you.

HERE! drives community connection. It attracts locals searching for businesses, information, deals, and things to do in their area. It is packed with local news, coupons, local events, and special offers from businesses – making it attractive to those searching for information about what’s happening in your community. HERE! offers real estate businesses a valuable source to receive exposure and connect with their local community. HERE! also provides pages for custom listing pages for your properties and articles about your business.  It’s your own PR source!

Local business owners are often in touch with their communities and hear about people considering buying or selling a home. They can be excellent referral sources for agents. HERE! offers an incentive for these businesses to send these referrals to agents by featuring their work in agent interviews, videos, and other content. So local business owners knowing that you support their businesses, become your biggest fans. They’ll return the favor by referring customers to you. HERE! has numerous local businesses and professionals listed, from salons, landscaping companies, restaurants, automobile dealers, construction contractors, lawyers, and more. So agents get their name out there, expand their sphere of influence and drive community connection by utilizing HERE!

How Is HERE Different From ‘Traditional’ Lead Generation?

HERE! provides all the resources you need to succeed in your real estate business. With HERE, you can access leads and referrals, coaching and training, and support from a community of like-minded professionals. HERE! has a flat sponsorship fee membership structure means that you can get as many leads and referrals as you want without having to worry about additional costs. You can also feature your local listings with individual listing pages and sponsor the real estate listings page with all the local MLS listings (upon MLS approval of application – some restrictions apply).

How HERE! Real Estate Marketing Works: A Few of Its Powerful Features

On HERE! there are many ways to develop referrals, but HERE! are some of the most common

Real Estate (MLS) Listings

HERE! is the easy and direct answer!  HERE! sites do great on search engines like Google because they have specific information about the town or area.  The sites are updated with the local news, real estate niche blog posts and social media posts.  So there is always new and exciting content driving traffic to the HERE! sites.  When you add the power of the local Multiple Listings Service (MLS) to the HERE! site well you have something truly magical!  You have all the available property in an area coupled with all the local lifestyle.  You can sell property like never before!  All the information from schools to medical care to local things to do.  All in one place.  You’re HERE!

Learn more about IDX in real estate here.

HERE! showcasing property listings of a real estate company
Local Neighborhoods and Subdivisions

Connect With Locals & Businesses

By sponsoring HERE!, agents get to be the center of referral activity and business in their community through our ASK OUR LOCAL page. When someone is looking for recommendations on anything from the best happy hour spot to where to buy a new home, your agent’s contact information and website will be front and center. And when businesses are looking for referrals, they’ll be able to search by area and get in touch with the go-to real estate agent for that community.

Generate Leads With Our Content

HERE! will generate specific articles sprinkled with SEO that will be key in finding new clients.  For example, articles about the local real estate market, best real estate agents in town, and new neighborhoods are frequent additions to HERE! sites.  However, you will also find articles about how to determine your homes value, steps before you sell, or best schools in the area.  And, HERE! is the thing —ALL THESE COME WITH A GET MORE INFORMATION CONTACT FORM THAT GOES TO YOU!  These unbranded information forms are a great way to find prospects early in their decision-making process and capitalize on your area dominance! Check out these innovative property management advert ideas for more inspiration.

Real Estate Niche Articles featuring a real estate business
HERE! Website for Local Marketing

Highlight Your Listings And Your Business

With HERE! you can have your own FEATURED LISTINGS pages.  How powerful would it be in a listing’s presentation to show a potential seller that you are the exclusive agent for your city’s HERE! site.  You will be the only Real Estate professional in town that can make that claim.  And with the power of real estate marketing ideas, local internet traffic and local advertising, that is a powerful claim to make.  HERE! also highlights your real estate business with in-depth articles about your recent successes, community involvement, and awards!  Everyone will understand that if they are buying or selling property in your local area — you are the area expert!

Why HERE! Makes Sense for Your Real Estate Business

Now let’s look at some of the ways HERE can help you generate leads and referrals quickly and easily.

Exclusive Real Estate Agent Sponsorship

HERE! doesn't have two agents competing against each other in each area. An Agent has the entire community to build relationships with as he or she is the HERE! Local Expert- The Best Local Real Estate Agent for that community. This saves money that would be spent on the unnecessary competition. And, since there is no additional fees for leads, regardless of how many you get, you can focus on promoting your area!

Becoming The Area Expert

When you focus on developing a strong community, you lay the foundation for powerful real estate marketing efforts. HERE! lets real estate agents actively build a community around their service to create lasting referral relationships.

High-Quality Referrals

More than 80% of referrals from HERE are from genuinely interested parties that are simple to convert. With HERE!'s unique combination of current MLS listings and industry specific articles that send you a steady stream of contacts, you can be sure about warm, responsive leads coming your way.

All For One and One For All

When local businesses do well, it benefits everyone in the community. The HERE! method of referral generation focuses on promoting all local businesses. Businesses get more customers and revenue, while agents get leads and happy clients. When an agent succeeds, everyone around them benefits.

Unparalleled HERE! Power to Promote Your Listings and Your Business

HERE! offers a community-based news and information platform like no other to promote your listings and business, all built by our web designers in Columbia, SC. Your business's high-quality articles and features from HERE! will impress your current clients and ensure that there are more on the way!

How Much Does HERE! Cost?

Exclusive Real Estate Agent Sponsorship on HERE! cost between $250-$750 a month*, depending on the size of your HERE! city or town.  This price includes up to two featured articles per month, and two featured listings (additional articles and listings at $50/per).  Our HERE! sites represent one of the most powerful marketing tools in the real estate industry today, and many agents experience their highest ROI from their HERE! site.  Find out more about your area today!

*Plus MLS fees, if applicable

Get Your HERE! Going NOW!

Once you are approved as the Exclusive Real Estate Agent Sponsor to HERE!, your business listing goes live in less than 24 hours. You can update your business information anytime you want. Now your real estate agency is visible directly to local buyers, sellers and investors. Locals interested in your services can easily contact you by phone call, email, or by sending a contact request. All the necessary contact information is conveniently laid out on HERE!

The MLS listings normally are available within 2 weeks (depending on MLS data approval).  But, we will immediately start your approval process with the MLS upon your entry to the program.

The number of referrals you get depends on your Sponsorship Plan and how active you are on the HERE! network. If you advertise on multiple HERE! sites, your chances of getting referrals are increased.

Is HERE! Right for You? Let's Talk!

Not all new networking approaches are created equal. In fact, many of them can be quite time-consuming and expensive without providing any real benefit. HERE! is different. HERE! creates more genuine referral relationships for real estate agents. The investment of both money and time is worth it when you consider the potential to become a local real estate market expert and authentically generate leads. If you’re looking for a way to expand your sphere of influence and earn referrals, HERE! is the perfect fit.
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